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Marlon Scott
Insurance Broker – external

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Marlon is very proud to be affiliated with Croft Senior Services.  He has ten years of experience in the insurance industry and over twenty years in customer service.  He believes knowledge is power.  When it comes to Medicare, life insurance, workplace benefits and the Affordable Care Act, he has guided many through situations that are common and not so common.  Through the years he has provided expertise and service to his clients.  Marlon is serving as the SGA for Lasso Medicare Advantage Group focused on Medical Savings Account operations for the states of Mississippi, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Marlon has two wonderful children, a son who is 18 and plays travel soccer and a daughter who is 14 and cheers for varsity!  In his off time he enjoys historical sites, hiking, restoring vintage motorcycles from the 40s, 50s, and 60s, and being active in his local church and in the lives of his children, which means, obviously, cheerleading and soccer.

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Amanda Kidd
Insurance Broker – external
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Amanda Kidd was born and raised in Rockbridge County, Virginia.  She moved to Bedford County 10 years ago, where she lives on a farm with her family.  Prior to joining the Croft team in 2021 she has worked in sales and marketing. Her goals are to continue to build and grow her agency and serve her clients and community through excellent customer service in insurance.

She serves as a membership chair on the Southwest Virginia Chapter of the National Association for Benefits and Insurance Professionals and serves as a Connection Team leader in her church. She is passionate about serving as well as supporting and helping others on this journey called life.

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Carol Toms
Insurance Broker – external
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Carol recently retired from banking and joined Croft January of 2022.  She is excited to begin a second
career in the insurance industry.  She brings with her extensive experience in customer relations, training,
accounting & auditing.  She enjoys a challenge and has worked diligently to learn all about insurance, with
her focus on Medicare.  She says, “I never knew how confusing Medicare could be until I had to enroll!
Sue Croft was a Godsend and helped me so much.  I’ve learned from the very best and hope to use my
experience to help others through the process as well”.
Carol enjoys helping people and volunteers with several local charities.  She loves to go antiquing and bargain
hunting with her sister.  She has never met an animal she didn’t like and has never turned away a stray or
injured animal.