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Jimmy Boksh
Insurance Agent – external

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People are a vital part of Jimmy’s life–he aspires to love others.  His sincere passion and curiosity for others is genuinely felt in the hearts of those he is given the opportunity to meet.  This is what makes insurance so enjoyable for him.  Whoever invented the insurance industry, must have invented it for Jimmy because he loves people! For Jimmy, love is the single ingredient that solves problems.

Jimmy started selling term- life insurance in 2003.  Over the course of time, he has learned other lines of insurance that include Health Insurance, Medicare, Dental, Vision, and Long-Term Care.  If you’re looking to keep your current insurance, or you’re shopping, Jimmy will give you an unbiased opinion.

Jimmy and his wife reside in Goode, Virginia.  They are raising three children with a personal conviction of teaching them about God, family, and purpose.  Jimmy credits God and the support of the Croft Insurance team for his success.  In his free time, Jimmy enjoys reading the Bible, writing in his journal, and working in the yard.

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Marlon Scott
Insurance Agent – external
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Marlon is very proud to be affiliated with Croft Senior Services.  He has ten years of experience in the insurance industry and over twenty years in customer service.  He believes knowledge is power.  When it comes to Medicare, life insurance, workplace benefits and the Affordable Care Act, he has guided many through situations that are common and not so common.  Through the years he has provided expertise and service to his clients.  Marlon is serving as the SGA for Lasso Medicare Advantage Group focused on Medical Savings Account operations for the states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Marlon and his wonderful wife, Amber, are parents of two.  They have resided in beautiful Moneta, VA for close to twenty years.  In his off time he enjoys historical sites, hiking, restoring vintage motorcycles from the 40s, 50s, and 60s, and being active in his local church and in the lives of his children, which means cheerleading and soccer.

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Joe Deffner
Insurance Agent – external
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Joe Deffner came to the Croft team in April, 2021.  From 1987-2004 Joe worked as a photojournalist/editor for local TV news.  In that profession he met people such as John Glenn, Chuck Berry, Vice President George H.W. Bush, Hank Aaron and many others.

As that profession became a 24/7 always on call type of profession, and with young children getting involved with sports, scouts, and church activities, in 2006 he earned his Virginia Life and Health Insurance license to have more control of time to spend with family.  The most satisfying aspect as an insurance agent is helping people understand their insurance.

In his spare time, Joe, as a native of Pittsburgh, enjoys cheering for his favorite sports teams–the Steelers,  Penguins, and the Pirates–and collecting memorabilia of those teams.